Monday, July 20, 2015

Lifelong Learning

Lifelong learning is fast replacing the term continuing education. The traditional term expresses a function: one’s education continues after formal degree studies. It conjures up images of classrooms, homework and obligations.

Lifelong learning expresses an attitude towards life. Life is so full, rich and diverse that one wants to learn more. In fact, learning is a part of life itself. Life’s imaginative possibilities become realities through learning.

Those of us engaged in Christian ministry must be lifelong learners, and the School for Discipleship and Renewal (SDR) at United Theological Seminary wants to be your partner in the journey. The various centers and programs in the SDR offer a variety of opportunities to focus your learning according to your interests and needs.

Let me briefly introduce you to the various centers and programs in the SDR. Their respective directors and coordinators will join me in writing the posts in this blog.

Pohly Center for Leadership and Supervision
Center for Worship, Preaching and the Arts
Hispanic Christian Academy
Urban Ministry Center
Harriet L. Miller Women's Center
Course of Study (United Methodist)

 The next lifelong learning opportunity is the Summer Preaching Seminar sponsored by the Center for Worship, Preaching and the Arts on August 11-13. Dr. Eugene L. Lowry will lead the seminar titled, The Poetry of the Parables: Preaching as Improvisation. Visit the CWPA site for registration information: Summer Preaching Seminar.

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Rev. Mark Abbott, Ph.D.
Director of the School for Discipleship and Renewal