Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Hybrid Course of Study at United

Did you know that Local Pastors serve more than one third of all United Methodist Churches?

And that number is growing daily!  Local Pastor’s must complete the Course of Study (COS) in order for them to maintain their license.  The COS is prescribed by The United Methodist Church for the education and credentialing of Local Pastors.

The Course of Study School of Ohio (COSSO) is one of eight regional COS schools. COSSO is a partnership between the Methodist Theological School in Ohio, located near Columbus, which has a traditional on-site program, and United Theological Seminary (United), near Dayton, which offers the hybrid program.

Hybrid?  Have you ever heard of such a thing?

A traditional program may encompass 2-3 weekends that are spent in the classroom, or 1-2 weeks spent on campus in an intensive summer course.  But the hybrid program utilizes the online classroom to reduce the amount of time spent in a face-to-face classroom.

At United, the students spend only one weekend on campus for each class.  This on-campus weekend is usually at the start of the class, then the remainder of the 6 week course is spent in an online classroom. 

Ultimately, the hybrid program saves valuable time; time spent travelling and away from home/parish.  One student may study in the morning while another might have time late at night.  With the hybrid program’s online classroom, students choose what time they will study and participate.

The hybrid program at United started in 2009 with 52 registrations.  In 2015, that number has grown to 430.  This fall term will have 115 students traveling from 24 different conferences to be present at our on-campus weekend October 9-10th!! 

United’s Hybrid COS Program continues to grow.  If you have the time, check out our website.

Laura Discher
Coordinator, United Course of Study

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